My Approach

Marla BozicI created Vitamin L as a result of my confusion and struggle with weight gain and energy. My motivation is to remove the nutrition ambiguity and inspire you to take control of your health for yourself and your family.

If you are tired of being tired, ready to feel refreshed, to drop those frustrating kilos and be the wellness warrior you want to be, then you are in the right place.

Working together, one to one, we will strategically create a game plan that will get you on track to glowing skin, a cleaner metabolism, steady moods and better focus.

Imagine family meals that everyone will love, fitting into THOSE jeans again and finding peace of mind.

My approach is based on NUTRITION for the MIND BODY AND SPIRIT.

Dispel Myths

The media has a profound impact on our ideas of health and food. We’ll remove the nutrition confusion and instead embrace a holistic approach to nutrition that doesn’t include counting calories, denial or discipline.

Back to Basics

I will guide you to move away from processed foods to gorgeous, tasty whole foods. We focus on replacing your comfort foods with delicious healthier options that will fit into your day to day life.

Your body is uniquely designed and thrives on a different way of eating from your best friend, mother or husband. We figure out the diet and lifestyle that will make you and your body thrive.

Keeping it Real

Nourishing your body, mind and spirit is a sustainable way to a healthier lifestyle.

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The L in Vitamin L stands for LOVE – loving yourself enough to look after your health and well-being as if your life depends on it. Because it does.

If this is for you, I am offering a 30 minute Back to Basics Breakthrough Session.

During this consultation, I will show you to figure out your trigger points and get you started on a path to amazing  wellness. You can then choose to work together to get your health and lifestyle issues sorted once and for all.

I have the wisdom and a practical approach to get you in shape to keep up with your energetic family or attend your high school reunion with a renewed confidence.