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“When I decided to see Marla, I needed a change in my life. I was constantly bloated, out of energy and just a bit down in the dumps. I began my fortnightly sessions with Marla and immediately felt different. Her approach to, what I call, ‘Lifestyle Nutrition’ was integrative, caring and holistic. Marla’s support and guidance gave me the confidence I needed and had been searching for as well as a clean, nourishing and healthy way of eating and living. If you’re someone who needs a change or a spiritual make over, Marla is the person to see. I really owe my transformation and new attitude to life to Marla.”

Natalie Adler
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“I had a really crazy relationship with food a couple of years ago. I was a co-dependent addict with food, drugs + alcohol taking centre stage + whilst it was all rock + roll, I was grappling with severe self-esteem issues and avoiding my life purpose and values. Food got stuck in the middle and I was a slave to my negative self – eating too much or too little and not addressing the frustrations in my life and the real (and common!) feelings of sadness and fear.

Fast forward 2-years and I am proud to say I am clean, with this recent month marking 7-months of sobriety! None of this could have been possible without Marla, my trusted guide into wholesome living. She literally took me by the hand + gently guided me on a rollercoaster of learning to trust the process with my own inner guidance wisdom.

The Universe led me to Marla during a huge transition on life’s journey. Marla’s positive, calm attitude during coaching allowed me to settle into a space and focus during our sessions. She was especially empathetic in regards to my thoughts and feelings, which enabled me to creative realistic goals for myself. Her generous heart and spirit offer many insights and she consistently delivers amazing but simple taking into account the whole person.

I now live the life I want with the body I love, eating only nutrient dense, wholefoods – sugar-free, caffeine-free, addict-free which quite literally is a miracle thanks largely to the guidance + loving support I received from Marla.

Do it. You won’t look at kale (amongst other things!) the same way ever again!”

Jodi, Sydney

“I have known Marla since our first borns played together in nappies, but we really connected one day over lunch when we were talking about the ‘health coaching’ work Marla was doing.

It appealed to me on two levels, the first being professionally as I teach students about nutrition and good lifestyle choices, but it also appealed to me personally as I was in a bit of a slump with the way I was monitoring my own health and well being.

I started seeing Marla and the changes over the 6 weeks came slowly, but then suddenly, WOW. My whole life started altering. I was drawing such positive energy from the work I was doing with Marla that everything in my life started turning around. Not only was I making better choices with the foods I was putting in my mouth, but I was developing better overall wellbeing and even attracting amazing people into my life through this experience.

Marla ‘revved’ me up to get me back on the healthy life path that I am on now. I am nurturing my body and my soul every day (well almost) and I love it! Thank you Marla!!”

Lara, Clovelly
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“I started working with Marla in January 2011. My aim was to change to a healthier lifestyle, eat better, sleep better, lose weight (despite hectic international travel) AND once again fit in to a fabulous black suit I purchased in Paris.

For me, an advisors worth is measured by how sustainable the programme and results are and whether we achieved our objectives.

As 2013 is just around the corner I have gone from thinking that quinoa was a village in Peru, spirulina was part of a Greek lunch and a slow down diet meant you could eat more as you were taking your time.

As I sit here today wearing my black Parisian suit, with room to spare and considering my metabolic age has reduced by 12 years I can hardly believe it.

As a client I was pain in the butt for Marla as I was not big on reading the support material, always complaining of being too busy. Marla persevered in a gentle coaching manner and gradually needed less and less crowbars to open my eyes to what was best for my body which has affected every part of my life.

Not only am I much, much healthier, I am also a happier person as a result. I am better at work, socially with friends, a better lover for my partner etc, etc.

Yesterday I optimistically reached for a size medium beautiful shirt I have not been able to get close to wearing almost from the day I bought it 5 years ago. I have been extra large for longer than I can remember. The shirt fitted perfectly.

I continue to enjoy margaritas, dine out often, have not given up cheese or chocolate and am never ever hungry.

I can’t thank you enough Marla. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I will never forget how you have helped me.”

Peter, CEO
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“I was ‘lucky’ to find Marla at a time when I was seeking to better understand and manage the ‘high’s’ and ‘lows’ I was experiencing throughout my day relating to diet and wanted to get a greater understanding about foods which would sustain and provide the right fuel etc. as well as weight loss. I worked with Marla on a six month program which covered diet, nutritional content, knowledge and experiences. Great tips and knowledge which have stuck and with gentle integration into my day have become the norm. I had never heard of Kale before Marla and am now addicted!! I not only feel much healthier but my skin is glowing – Marla will say that is the kale!! Marla has a lovely style with her clients, the coaching, encouragement and no judgement – just informative approach makes it a relaxed consultation I look forward to every fortnight. I have now decided to renew my program for another six months, because the relationship we now have is one of my favourites and I continue to learn – plus loving the recipes :)”

Fiona, Communications

“I undertook health coaching sessions with Marla at Vitamin L between 2011 and 2012, in order to engage in a healthier lifestyle, gain more energy and lose some weight.

I found Marla to be a wonderful affirmative influence over this period, encouraging me to find ways of improving my health and take better care of myself physically and emotionally. By skillfully helping me to improve my dietary and exercise habits, as well as learning to cook more nutritious meals, my sense of wellbeing has improved tenfold.

After a stressful period of feeling run down and suffering from poor immunity and low energy, I now feel healthier and lighter, with greater energy levels.

Having previously juggled busy work and family commitments, leaving little time for myself, Marla also helped me find a greater sense of balance in my life – taking better care of myself and finding more ‘me’ time – which has left me happier and healthier than I have felt in years. Her holistic and nurturing approach looks at the whole person and helps you make new healthier lifestyle choices that you can maintain in the long-term, unlike quick fix solutions.

Vitamin L is worth every cent!!”

Victoria, Clovelly, Sydney
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“I’m just back from my walk and have just unpacked the groceries I collected on the way back – it amazes me how I can now instinctively choose the healthy options when I’m shopping or out to dinner…just a reflex now, no thinking required! Woohoo!

I am feeling so much better for it too! My jeans fit straight out of the drier – not done that in years! I’m smiling more and feeling more energised and more comfortable physically -from the inside out.

I very much appreciate your approach too…you have taught me new, positive habits in a respectfully supportive way.

And I love the surprise gifts- there is no way I would have tasted tuscan cabbage except that you brought it for me to try- life wouldn’t have been the same without it. I love my tea cup steeper too – a great “bribe” to reduce my coffee consumption by adding something new – and I just bought the tea to christen it!

Thank you once again!”

Deborah Beers, Kinesiologist

“Marla worked with me for a little over six months helping me to guide me and my family onto a healthier and sustainable eating plan. Her methods are subtle but effective and very educational and encouraging. Marla is a real people’s person and was a pleasure to work with. Her skills extend to great advice not only on streamlining our diets and pantry contents, but also on a healthy approach to living in general – mind, body and spirit.”

Natalie, Photographer

“Working with Marla totally changed my approach towards food and exercise. When I came to see her, I was over exercising and felt that my food choices were uninspiring. Marla provided excellent advice on different foods and their nutritional benefits while introducing me to new recipes. Her tailor made approach made me feel she thoroughly understood my food challenges. I strongly recommend to anyone to work with a Nutrition and Health Coach at some stage in their lives in order to avoid falling into unhealthy habits that compromise our energy levels and health in general.”

Mia, Communications

“Being a nutritionist, I have been impressed by Marla’s knowledge of nutrition and wellbeing. She has an ability to motivate and inspire clients. Marla articulates with clarity and passion and is able to dissect material so that it is easily understood. Marla has allowed me to better manage my health and wellbeing through her holistic approach and her ability to listen and support whole heartedly.

Being vegetarian means I have to be very focused on what I eat and it is very easy to stray. I tend to crave sweet foods during the times when I am not focused and vigilant. Marla has helped me to focus and get back on the right road, therefore decreasing my cravings. This has had a positive effect on my wellbeing. I feel more in control, more energetic and even more passionate about nutrition.

My lifestyle changes have been due to Marla’s compassion, enthusiasm and positive thinking.”

Amanda Fraser, Nutritionist

“My work with Marla has been an encouraging journey. She is knowledgeable in her field and truly listens, has great advice and has helped me realize what it takes to have increased energy! I have gained insight on different food options for me and my daughter. It is nice to have someone who listens attentively with such a caring heart. Thank you Marla!”

Kirsten, Banker

“Thank you for your ‘above and beyond help’ with my partner.

He talks about your assistance with all our friends and is blown away by his new way of life and the successes he is having with weight loss and fitness.

Your gentle guidance empowered his eating choices without making him feel like it was a strict regime.

You also placed with him the responsibility for what he ate and with his new education and understanding of what that would mean for his goals.

He is a transformed man with Vitamin L’s help.”

Antonia, Mosman

“Working with Marla was a wonderful experience. Although I learnt a lot, the most significant which has had a very large impact on my life was learning to ‘SLOW DOWN’ and to have more of a relaxed approach to living. It is ok if I get the later bus to work, it is ok if I don’t do my weekly cook up on a Sunday afternoon (I should be out having fun, not indoors cooking) and it is ok if I don’t get up at 5.15am to go to the gym before work (I can have a rest day, go in my lunch break or after work). With this approach, I stress a lot less which has a positive effect on other parts of my life and the people around me.

I really enjoyed the extra reading materials and nutritious recipes that Marla gave me. They would make me aware of some different ingredients and combinations that I would not have come across on my own. Then going shopping to look for the products was a nice touch.

The little gifts were always a fantastic introduction to something that I would not normally use or consume. I don’t know where I would be without my Tahini dressing, I love it on my salads!

Marla’s knowledge, calming approach and deliverance is wonderful to be around and will always be a positive influence in anyone’s life…”

Susan, Maroubra