The Healthy You Boost

The Healthy You Boost

Do you ever feel like you’re living life for others and leaving yourself to come last? Do you wish you could just click ‘refresh’ and revitalise your life once again?

The Healthy You Boost will do just that! I designed this quick-start program to help you breathe new life into your body, your diet and your mindset, so you can start living a vibrant healthy life again.

This is my signature offer for women who really do want life to begin (again) in their 40s and 50s.

The Healthy You Boost will give you a unique roadmap to guide you step-by-step to a new, revitalized you.

What’s included in this program:

  1. An initial ‘get to know you’ questionnaire, where we’ll dive deep into your personal likes and dislikes (for both you and your family.) We’ll assess your favourite meals and all the quirky parts that make you, you!
  2. From there I’ll research your unique needs and create a personalised meal plan to truly improve the quality and variety of your meals, without upsetting the apple cart too much.
  3. Next, I’ll take you through my unique approach to helping you get sorted in your family kitchen including my notes and practical recommendations to boost your health and hit refresh.

How it works:

We’ll meet initially for 1.5 hours – this is our power session, where we’ll really dive deep and pave a roadmap for your health journey.  You’ll then receive a 1 hour follow up session, one month later to refine your plan, provide support, encouragement and additional recommendations. And again, another sessions to follow up even further with what’s working and what we can further refine.

Extra special bonuses:

To give your body, mind and soul the best chance at revitalization, you’ll also receive:

  • Meal planning worksheets and your personalised shopping list to fast track clarity and success.
  • Email support between sessions for that boost of inspiration, late night question or virtual hug and support
  • A copy of my all-time favourite Nutrition book that has changed thousands of lives – a true game changer

Your investment:


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