Healthy Business

Business Coaching with Marla Bozic – The Original Health Coach

You feel excited about your career as a wellness professional.

You feel passionate about helping people become healthier.

You really, really want this. You have your qualification. You’re inspired.

But you’re also doubtful. You’re unsure if you can do it – really do this health coaching thing and do it well.

Well, I’m here to assure you that, yes, you can. You can really do this and I can help you along your way.

When I graduated, like anyone starting something new for the first time, I felt a little lost.

What I would have liked at that time was a coach or mentor who was a few steps ahead of me and who had my best interests at heart to guide me along the way to becoming a confident and awesome health coach.

It was the feeling that I needed someone who understood where I was at and what I wanted to achieve. Who understood what being a health coach was!

Now I want to be that person for you.

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